Hancock claims consultants to help develop healthcare law are paid illegally

Hancock has accused a number of its consultants of having paid them for work without permission.

In a report published on Tuesday, the firm, which manages a network of health-care professionals, said it had found that its contracted consultant, Dr. Stephen Bowers, and other medical professionals were paying consultants without their permission, often in return for referrals.

“As a result of our investigation, Hancock has identified several consultants who were not fully vetted by Hancock and have been paying them for referral work,” Hancock wrote in the report.

The report also said Hancock was aware of other problems at the firm.

“Hancock’s management and the firm’s board are aware of the allegations,” the firm wrote.

“Our independent audit found that Hancock has serious problems with the practice of consultant billing and is currently investigating these issues.”

Hancock has not yet commented on the report and said in a statement that it “strongly denies” the allegations.

“We do not and have never paid anyone to assist in our work with Hancock, nor have we ever sought or received any payment for our work,” the statement said.

“All consultants are hired on a freelance basis and Hancock has no affiliation with any of them.”

Consultants are often not paid for their time unless they are directly involved in a project and Hancock is proud of the work we do and the work our clients do.

“In a statement, Hancock said it has “a number of processes in place to detect and prevent fraud and that we take any allegations of wrongdoing seriously.

“The firm added that it is “investigating these matters in the most thorough way possible” and that “any further inquiries regarding these issues will be fully investigated and investigated appropriately.

“Haven’t heard from Hancock?

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