How to avoid being sued for fraud: Consultancy firm recommends 10 rules for clients

A former CEO of a consulting firm has urged clients to use the company’s own lawyers, as well as its own expert opinion.

Marc Dufour told The Wall Street Journal that the firm has hired more than 3,000 lawyers to help it deal with fraud cases.

Dufout told the newspaper that some of his lawyers had worked for the firm in the past.

The firm says its reputation is based on its high-quality and efficient service.

Dukout also told the Journal that it employs more than 2,000 people in the U.S. and Canada.

In his article, Dufouts’ lawyer, Matthew N. Schott, said that his client, Dukouts former chief executive, “has not used his legal services to collect a single nickel in legal fees.”

Dukouts’ attorneys told the Wall Street Post that Dufours “never had any intention of collecting a dime.”

However, Schott said in a letter to Dukades lawyer, “We are not a law firm and neither is Dukados attorneys.

In fact, our client is a very poor and desperate businessman, not a lawyer.”

Schott added, “The idea that Dukys attorneys are representing him, rather than a former CEO or the firm, is a gross misrepresentation of the firm’s business.”

In a letter, Dukes lawyer wrote, “Marc Dukes attorneys are not attorneys representing Mr. Dukes.”

He also wrote that “The company has no obligation to advise clients to hire a lawyer, and Dukies attorneys do not represent Mr. N.D. in this matter.

Mr. Trump has not used any of his attorneys for this matter.”

According to Schott’s letter, “Dukys’ attorneys are the only lawyers that have ever represented Mr. J. Trump in a lawsuit.

It is unfortunate that he has used lawyers that he should have hired for a legitimate purpose.

He should be proud of the fact that his attorneys have been the only attorneys to have represented him in these matters.”

The firm declined to comment on the letter.

In a separate letter, Schot wrote that the letter “is not the end of the story.”

“It is clear that Mr. C. has a financial interest in this, and we have every reason to believe that the allegations made in this letter are not the truth,” Schot said.

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