Politico asks Podesta for more help in fundraising

The Huffington Post asked for help in the fundraising effort for Podesta’s presidential campaign, after the campaign was caught off guard by the news that his former political consultant, Chris Ruddy, had sold his company, Ruddy Strategies, to News Corp. The Huffington post, which previously ran a story on the Podesta-Ruddy sale, asked for Podesta to provide more information on how he was spending his campaign funds.

The campaign has not yet responded.

The Washington Post reported earlier this week that Ruddy and News Corp have agreed to a deal worth $3.3 billion.

The Post reported that News Corp is investing $500 million in the Podesta operation, as well as $1.8 billion in its Washington operation.

Podesta said at a news conference Monday that he was pleased with News Corp’s decision to invest more in his campaign, but that he’s not sure if that’s enough.

“It’s important to make sure we are taking care of the people who are supporting me,” he said.

“But the other thing is, I think there are some other issues that need to be addressed.”

Podesta has faced criticism from his own party about his political work.

Earlier this year, Democratic lawmakers and staffers accused him of using his role as a lobbyist for News Corp as a way to advance his own political agenda.

Podesta has been criticized for his ties to the company, which he joined in 1996, as it expanded into TV and digital media.

“I’m not a billionaire,” he told reporters in April.

“In fact, I have been extremely lucky to have a couple of jobs over the years.

And I think that’s something that should be reflected in our campaign.”

Podesta’s wife, Jill, has also had problems with her job, having to take a leave of absence from her job as chief of staff at the DNC in February to care for her two daughters, who are both in kindergarten.

“When we leave this office, Jill will have two children, and then Jill will be home with her family,” said DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz at the time.

She has since returned to her job.

Podesta did not respond to a request for comment.

He also has faced scrutiny for his close ties to former President Bill Clinton, who he worked closely with in the White House for a time.

Podesta’s longtime political allies and former White House chief of protocol John Podesta have both come under scrutiny for their ties to a pro-Clinton super PAC that was set up by a former adviser to the Clintons, former President George W. Bush’s son-in-law.

John Podesta’s involvement with the PAC was first reported by The Washington Times.

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