How do you deal with an unhappy ex-boyfriend? ‘They were always trying to get you pregnant,’ says the ex of a woman who ended up pregnant with her ex’s child

When I was in a relationship with my ex-husband, he was constantly trying to trick me into having an abortion.

“He said, ‘You’ve got two years left on your life contract, and I want you to sign the termination agreement when you are 20, so if I get pregnant, you will never see your kids again.

You have to sign this before I can have kids.

You’ll never see them again.'”

I had been in a loving relationship with him for two years.

But I was starting to feel lonely.

“Do you really want to give birth to a baby with two parents who don’t love you anymore?

They are just going to take you and go wherever they want to, and that’s the end of your life.”

I knew what he meant, and it scared me to death.

He had convinced me he was a good father.

It scared me more than I knew.

I was devastated.

I knew the contract had expired.

I had no money.

My ex had left me.

I never wanted to see my children again.

I thought I was doomed.

But my ex did not get pregnant.

He became pregnant with my daughter.

I know now that my ex was not lying to me.

His ex did NOT have an abortion, but the fact that he was desperate to have children was just the tip of the iceberg.

I don’t know what else to say.

He is the most selfish, manipulative and manipulative person I have ever met.

And he ruined everything.

He stole money from me and from my daughter, he destroyed my marriage, he ruined my health, and he ruined me.

It’s one thing to feel sorry for yourself.

It is quite another to have your life ruined by someone else.

I can only hope that, as an American, I can help others like me.

My life is a mess.

I’ve lost my job, my home, my savings, and my health.

I have been told by my husband that if I go public with this, he’ll find me and kill me.

He said he’s going to go after me and the rest of my family.

What does it take for a woman to become a parent?

For the woman who feels that she is the victim of a predatory ex-partner?

I know it doesn’t take a lot to be a victim.

I’m lucky that I have a good support network, because I have had to put up with my husband’s abusive behaviour.

But it can be even harder for women who are single, single, or in an abusive relationship.

I used to think that being single meant I had to be alone and that I could just be my own person.

I think that’s a lie.

Being single does not mean you are a victim, and being a victim doesn’t mean you can be alone.

It does mean that you need to protect yourself and others.

I wish I could say I’m not a victim because I’m a survivor.

But as an independent consultant, I have to put myself out there and try to get the word out.

If people are afraid to talk about this, then maybe they’re not survivors.

You need to make sure that if you are in an unsafe situation, you are not alone.

This is not something that should be easy.

I went through my divorce and it was not easy.

But now I feel that I am a strong, independent person who is doing what I need to do to survive.

When you have been a victim of an abusive partner, you have to learn how to heal.

I also want to say a huge thank you to my daughter for helping me through this.

She is my life.

I hope she understands the pain she has been through.

If she has not, she will thank me.

There are so many people who have been affected by a situation that I didn’t know existed.

I learned a lot from the experiences of my ex.

I tried my best to make my ex understand that I was not his fault.

I want people to know that you have the power to stop a destructive relationship before it becomes an abusive one.

And I hope that they listen to what you have told them.

You may feel that you can just turn away from your ex and be happy, but I hope you remember that you are the person who got hurt, and you can do something about it.

I pray for you.

If you or someone you know needs help or advice, call The Salvation Army on 1800 333 000 or visit the Salvation Army website.

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