How to release a firm, and how to get away with it

As a senior executive at a big consulting firm, Hancock is responsible for keeping the firm’s clients happy.

But when he left the firm, he says he received a letter that said he’d been fired.

Hancock, who’s also an actor and a comedian, has been making news lately for his new book about the business of big consulting.

Hancock claims in the book, called “The Big Firm,” that the firm made him a “victim” of sexual harassment and discrimination.

He also says he was fired for being a “good guy” and that he was a target for sexual advances and harassment.

He says the book is a satire and he was “taken out” for being gay.

But Hancock says the allegations are “utterly false.”

“I think what happened to me, and this is true, is I was fired by the firm because they couldn’t manage my relationship with the client, and that was a relationship they had with a woman,” Hancock said in an interview with CBS News.

“And I had to go through a lot of turmoil.

And I went through that period, and I went to the point of being fired, I was never fired from my job.

I’ve never been a victim of anything.” “

I’m not a victim, I’m not even a victimizer.

I’ve never been a victim of anything.”

Hancock says he’s been accused of sexual misconduct.

And in an article he published on his website, Hancock said he’s received hundreds of emails from people who claim they’ve been fired from his firm for “sexually inappropriate behavior.”

He also claimed that he’s “not a racist, I’ve not been a misogynist.

I’m a very progressive guy, and all I want to do is make a difference in the world.”

Hancock is no stranger to controversy.

In 2013, Hancock published an article in The Wall Street Journal calling for the impeachment of President Bill Clinton.

“As a result of this, the entire Clintons family has been placed under a cloud of suspicion and suspicion by the media,” Hancock wrote.

“It is time for the public to know who the real culprits are and why the Clintons are so guilty of crimes against the American people.”

And Hancock has also become a regular guest on Fox News, where he’s often questioned about allegations of misconduct.

He’s also received criticism from other people in the entertainment industry who say he’s too friendly with Fox News.

In February, Fox News fired him after he called President Trump a “white supremacist.”

Fox has since said he violated its ethics guidelines.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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