Lactation consultant job fair set for August 2018

Lactations consultant jobs are set to be open again this year.

According to the job fair, the positions will be advertised for August 2019 and will be open to those in all roles including lactation consultants.

The job fair has been held since last August to cater for the influx of lactation services coming into the country.

“The job market is very competitive, so it is important to have a qualified lactation counsellor available at every job,” Ms O’Leary said.

“We are also looking for anyone who wants to be involved in the business and to help our clients.”

There will be several vacancies for lactation counselors to fill as well as lactation therapists.

The lactation counselor role is one of the positions in which Ms O ‘Leary hopes to expand.

“I would like to be a lactation therapist and I think that there are many people who could benefit from that position,” she said.

The role would involve the nurse taking care of patients and providing support to the client.

“It’s important to know where you are in your career, where you have the right skills, and what you’re looking for,” she explained.

“As a lactational counsellors we’re trying to find the right balance, so we’re looking at a variety of positions.”

What we’re also looking at is a range of people, whether that’s from a nursery, to an obstetrician, or to a family doctor.

“Lactation therapist is a specialist in nursing homes and in the UK, as well in the US, where the job is typically seen as a postgraduate degree.

It is often considered a career in the mid-career with the aim of increasing employment opportunities and working towards the same pay and benefits as those in the public sector.

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