What Hancock’s lawyers told him about their client’s ‘virus’ claim

By The Associated Press The Associated PostThe lawyer for the wife of a California man charged with trying to sell his medical marijuana business to an undercover FBI agent has argued that Hancock failed to disclose to her that she would be charged if she failed to stop selling marijuana to a federal agent, according to court documents filed Friday.

Bridget Hancock told investigators that the business was not connected to her husband and that she was unaware that her husband was selling marijuana, according an affidavit filed by her attorney in the case.

Hancock’s attorneys have said that the documents are evidence that the attorney was negligent in failing to disclose that Hancock would be prosecuted if she did not stop selling pot.

They also say the document contains a list of questions that Hancock was asked to answer, including whether she was aware her husband sold marijuana.

Hans Schoenfeld, a criminal defense attorney in Denver, said his clients attorneys had no trouble finding information in the document that could be used against Hancock.

“It is quite a lot,” Schoenstein said.

Hanson was charged with felony counts of illegally selling marijuana and conspiracy to violate federal law for allegedly conspiring to sell pot to undercover agents at a medical marijuana dispensary in Las Vegas.

He is expected to go to trial in September.

The attorney’s request for a gag order on the documents comes as federal prosecutors are investigating whether the wife or an employee at Hancock knew her husband’s marijuana business was a “crime.”

The case is one of several involving federal prosecutors investigating possible crimes involving medical marijuana businesses, which are legal under federal law, and are a legal alternative to traditional drugs.

In the latest case, the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Denver is examining whether Hancock knowingly sold pot at a dispensary that she helped set up in Colorado.

The documents filed by Hancock’s attorneys do not name the dispensary, but the Denver office says it’s an organization with the same name as the one where Hancock was a director.

The Denver office has said Hancock did not knowingly sell marijuana to the undercover agent who purchased pot.

The document also states that Hancock’s husband, Joseph Schoenfield, has a criminal history that includes several convictions, including one for stealing a car.

Harrison Hancock’s attorney said Friday that her client did not know she was going to be charged.

He said the documents were meant to protect the public from “false and defamatory statements” about Hancock by her husband.

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