Michigan’s top pain consultant says the GOP has ‘no choice’

MIAMI — A top pain management consultant at a major health care company in Michigan says the Republican Party has no choice but to take action to fight President Donald Trump’s health care plan.

“There’s no choice for us.

We can’t take it anymore,” said John Miller, vice president of pain management and pain management at the University of Michigan Pain Clinic.

Miller is the latest in a series of pain specialists who have criticized Trump’s proposed health care overhaul.

His remarks are a clear departure from other Trump administration officials who have expressed concern about the impact the health care law could have on Michigan’s economy.

Miller said the plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act and replace it with a plan that would dramatically cut Medicaid spending and impose massive cuts to Medicare are “not just a bad idea.

They’re a real threat to our state’s economy.””

It’s not going to help the economy at all, and it’s not a smart idea.

There’s no way to make that work,” he said.

Miller, who worked as a private doctor and pain consultant for more than 25 years before joining the University at Buffalo pain clinic in 2015, said his goal is to be a voice for pain patients in the Trump administration.

“The idea of trying to take away people’s health insurance, it’s a very real danger,” he told The Hill.

“It has a real effect on people, and I would just encourage everyone to listen to what we’re saying, because the reality is there are more people who need our services right now than there are people who want them.”

That’s not to say that I wouldn’t want to help a person who is suffering, but if we can’t help them, then we shouldn’t be involved.

“Miller said that in addition to taking action on the GOP plan to dismantle the Affordable Act, he is advocating for more health care choices for patients.”

If you want to get a job or if you want a job, I would encourage you to get healthcare,” he added.

The Trump administration has indicated that it will not repeal the ACA.

Miller said that his clinic has seen more than $5 billion in health care savings in its first year under the administration’s health plan.

Miller also said that the Trump health care policy could lead to the creation of a new state.”

I think that if the states are going to become involved in this and take action, then it will create a lot of problems,” he explained.”

What happens to the existing states?

What happens to Medicare?

What’s the impact on Medicaid?

There’s all these things that we need to be talking about in the context of the overall health care system.

“Miller did not offer details about what would happen if the federal government were to take over Michigan’s health services.

He said he believes the federal takeover of Michigan’s medical system would be “very destructive” to the state’s health system.”

We have seen a lot in the last two years in terms of people not being able to get the care they need, and that’s not because of the ACA, it was because of Medicaid,” Miller said.”

Medicare is a very important piece of this, because we have one of the highest rates of Medicaid enrollees in the country.

“Miller has said the Trump plan to eliminate Medicare and the Medicaid expansion under the ACA is a “betrayal of the American people.””

The way it’s written, the people who get the tax cuts are going into the health insurance exchanges.

They will not get Medicare.

And we’re going to be paying for that.

We’re going do away with Medicare and Medicaid,” he argued.”

You don’t want your Medicare, you don’t like Medicaid, you want it to be managed better.

We are going take away that and we’re not going be doing that.

“Trumpcare will not affect Michigan residents who rely on Medicaid for health care coverage, Miller said, citing a number of provisions of the legislation that would cut off Medicaid payments to the states.

He noted that the bill includes the so-called “pre-existing condition” provision, which would require residents of Michigan who are on Medicaid to have coverage.”

It’s not just going to change the people in the state, but the people that are in the states that rely on those programs.””

People are going off Medicaid, people are going on Medicare.

It’s not just going to change the people in the state, but the people that are in the states that rely on those programs.”

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