How to get more partners, get more money and more clients

It’s a familiar story: you hire a consultant and they write a blog post, then you hire another consultant to help you do more of the same, and you’re left with nothing.

In the case of Unify Consulting, the team at the consultancy is now looking to add another consultant, but not without a big hitch.

Unify has been on the upswing recently with its clientele, but it’s still reeling from the demise of its previous consultant, which resulted in the loss of a slew of high-level clients, as well as the loss to its own revenue stream.

This time, however, Unify is looking to capitalize on the rise in cuckold-related consulting, which has been a growing market for some time now.

“Cuckold consulting has become very popular in the last few years,” says Paul Haines, a partner at Unify.

“They are very popular and they have a good profile, and we are able to help them with their SEO.”

The problem, however is that a lot of these clients have been waiting for a new consultant, and they’re now finding out that their previous one wasn’t a match.

“We are not sure what the impact will be on the existing clients,” Hainess says.

Unifying hired former Google exec and cuckolding consultant Joe Mathers, but that consultant has now left the firm.

And the new consultant who’s joining them isn’t quite as well known.

“I think we will need to start a new consulting team,” Hains says.

Hainesse says that Unify will now need to find someone with a “high profile and proven experience,” and a firm with a reputation for “excellent service.”

The reason is simple: a lot more people want to do cuckolded consulting than they did a few years ago.

The reasons for this include increased awareness of cuckolds, increased visibility and the “social stigma” that comes with it.

Hainses explains that cuckOLD Consulting is trying to address the issue by offering a “socially responsible” consulting service, and he also explains that they’ll be looking for “people with a great resume and experience.”

If the company can’t find a good fit, they’re going to be looking elsewhere.

But, that doesn’t mean that they’re done looking.

“This is an opportunity for us to look for other people with a similar experience,” Haineess says, adding that they will be looking “for people who are passionate about this subject matter.”

And, he says, they’ll also be looking to recruit people with “a proven track record of success.”

As a cuckOLed consultant, Hainesses says that he’ll be taking the reins for the company, which he describes as a “great opportunity.”

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