Infinity consulting solutions for free attorney consultation

If you or someone you know needs a free attorney, there are now free consulting services available from a variety of health, personal and social law firms.

The services range from free legal advice to a one-on-one consultation to a free consultation for a legal matter or to work with a team.

It’s all provided through a variety, independent companies that are registered with the Attorney-General’s Department and have access to a wide range of law and regulatory services.

The new Free Legal Consultation service will be available for a limited time.

If you need a free legal consultation, call 855-333-2429.

Inquiry: How does the new free legal consulting service work?

A new free lawyer consultation service, available to all licensed lawyers in the province, will be offered for a minimum of one hour per day and is intended to increase access to legal services for low-income Canadians.

The service will allow eligible people to get access to an attorney through a referral from a trusted source such as a trusted friend, relative or relative-in-law.

The new service will also allow eligible individuals to make appointments to a law firm that will provide them with a free, one-time legal consultation on a matter of interest to them.

The service will only be available to legal practitioners licensed to practice law in the Province of Ontario, excluding the Attorney General’s Department.

The services are available for free and are offered through several of the following independent companies:Answered by: Kathleen BeersCounselling services provided by the law firm, The Legal Service, are available to people with disabilities.

The Law Office of the Minister of Health provides information and referral services to individuals with disabilities, and the Law Service of the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services provides information on legal matters.

The Ministry of Education provides information, referral and assessment services.

Lawyer services provided and administered by a number of independent providers, including:The Law Centre of Ontario (LCO) provides legal services to the community, the media and law enforcement.

LCO is a not-for-profit organization with the mission of providing quality legal services and providing services for the underserved in the community.

LCO is licensed to provide services to all persons in Ontario.

LOCA is a non-profit legal aid corporation licensed by the Ontario Ministry of Justice.LINK:Lawyer referral service provided by The Law Centre.LOCA, LCO, LOCI, LCA, LSCA, and LACA are Registered Association Companies.

All of the above companies have been approved by the Attorney Generals Office.

If an individual has a referral, contact them to ensure that they have the information they need.

For additional information, please contact the Ontario Lawyer Referral Program at 1-877-427-9355.

A full list of licensed lawyers can be found here:

Agency contact:

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