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Health care industry consultant and pharmacist Dr. Michael A. Stuhlman says that a large percentage of the health care industry is still in a phase of transition from the Affordable Care Act.

“There’s a huge difference between what I see now and what I saw when I started my career in the 1990s,” he says.

“That transition was slow, it took a while, but it was a necessary one.”

In the past year, Stuhlsman has had to navigate a rapidly changing landscape as the health industry grapples with a number of challenges.

“We are at a point where I’m very comfortable in the market, but the marketplace is changing,” he tells Fortune.

“If you look at the trends in terms of where the business is headed, it’s very challenging.

And so I don’t think the industry will be ready for the next couple of years.

It’s going to take a while.”

What you need to know about the American health care system and health care:

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