Trudeau: Canadian government must do more to fight climate change

Trudeau says his government must step up efforts to fight the spread of climate change.

The Canadian government has committed to increasing emissions by 2020 to meet the targets set by the UN’s Paris climate accord.

Trudeau said Wednesday the government is looking at “more ambitious actions” to combat climate change, but the government must be proactive.

Trudeau made his comments on the sidelines of a global climate summit in Germany, where he said that the world is now “finally seeing the first signs of the beginning of a new century.”

Trudeau said that governments across the world have to take a bolder approach to combating climate change to make the world a better place.

“Climate change is an issue that’s happening now and we need to be proactive and take action now,” he said.

Trudeau is scheduled to meet with world leaders from around the globe Wednesday. “

What we’re seeing in terms of government action is a lot more ambitious actions being taken by governments around the world.”

Trudeau is scheduled to meet with world leaders from around the globe Wednesday.

He also announced a new climate strategy, which will provide advice on how the country can best support the fight against climate change while also building a sustainable economy.

Trudeau was speaking after an international conference in the German city of Düsseldorf on climate, the environment and international cooperation.

The meeting is part of the World Summit for Sustainable Development, which aims to strengthen global efforts to tackle climate change by 2020.

The world’s leading economies are expected to meet in Düzseldorfer in July, which is also expected to see a meeting on the environment.

Trudeau’s comments came after he visited a climate camp in Germany.

The president of the German government, Sigmar Gabriel, has said that Canada is “the single biggest greenhouse gas emitter in the world” and has promised to cut greenhouse gas emissions by up to 28 per cent by 2030.

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