How to Fix the Pharmaceutical Industry: How to Stop the Price Gouging

By now you have heard about the disastrous price gouging that is taking place in the pharmaceutical industry.

The pharmaceutical industry is in crisis.

This crisis is not a product of capitalism.

This problem is systemic.

The problem is endemic to capitalism.

As a matter of fact, it is not the first time that the pharmaceutical company has done something like this.

It was not the beginning of the problem.

It is not even the end of the crisis.

In fact, the current crisis is much worse.

You will hear a lot about the drug companies.

But what about the people who are dying?

Who are the people being left out?

The answer is that it is a very, very small group of people.

You cannot fix this problem if you are going to fix the problem of the pharmaceutical companies.

The solution is not for the government to take away the drug company profits.

The government must intervene in this crisis, in order to prevent the deaths of people who need help.

But the problem is not capitalism.

The crisis is a system that is driven by the profit motive.

Capitalism is driven primarily by greed and self-interest.

It operates primarily through the sale of scarce goods and services.

The drug companies sell the same goods and drugs at a higher price.

The average American is paying about $20,000 a year to get a prescription drug.

The price of these drugs is a lot lower than the prices of many prescription drugs.

It seems like the average American would be happy to pay $20 a month.

Yet, as the American Society of Addiction Medicine, an organization that focuses on the management of drug addiction, points out, the average patient has not received a single prescription drug since 2002.

The reason for the disparity between the prices paid to doctors and patients is not economics.

It has to do with the way the pharmaceutical drug companies are structured.

As the American Medical Association, the largest medical association in the country, put it, the pharmaceutical drugs industry is “one of the most lucrative businesses in the world.”

In other words, it profits immensely.

The CEOs of the drug manufacturers earn huge salaries.

The cost of a drug treatment can be as high as $1 million per drug.

When the drug is approved, the drug makers will pay the manufacturer a royalty of up to 20 percent of the cost.

This is the profit that they derive from the profits of the company.

The profits of a company are determined by its ability to produce more drugs at lower prices.

And they have been doing so for decades.

If the pharmaceutical profits continue to rise, it will be impossible to bring down the prices.

The only way to do that is for the pharmaceutical corporations to pay their workers better.

The way the drug corporations pay their employees is through bonuses and stock options.

These are perks that are given to their workers for their contributions to the company and their contributions in other ways.

The American Medical Assn.

has documented in great detail how the drug industry pays its top executives $10 million per year.

In addition to the $1.1 trillion in profits the drug giants make annually, there is a $2.3 trillion stock market that they control.

It takes an average employee just $8,000 to retire.

These bonuses are supposed to motivate and motivate employees.

But they actually discourage employees from working harder.

The CEO of Pfizer, the world’s largest pharmaceutical company, was recently paid $11 million for a speech he gave at an annual meeting of pharmaceutical executives.

He gave this speech while his company was facing massive competition.

The people who have been told to take part in this campaign of intimidation and threats are the employees.

The executives who are paid huge salaries are also the people most at risk of being fired because of their protests against the high price of drugs.

So the people with the highest salaries are being threatened with firing, the employees who are most at the mercy of the CEOs of Pfizers are being intimidated by these threats.

The whole purpose of the intimidation is to discourage people from exercising their right to protest.

So if you think that you can get people to stop protesting, you have to start by intimidating them into inaction.

The corporate greed is all about the profits.

And the greed is driving this crisis.

The current crisis can be traced to the drug price gougers.

In 2002, Congress passed the Medicare Prescription Drug Benefits Act.

This act gave the government the power to negotiate prescription drug prices.

By the way, the first drug that was approved in this country was OxyContin.

OxyContin was not approved in the United States for use as a painkiller.

It did not even have a schedule I label.

The manufacturer of OxyContin called the FDA’s approval of Oxy as a medication for pain relief, “a milestone for the world of pain relief.”

It was a monumental achievement for a company with no revenue and no sales.

And it was a milestone that the president himself celebrated in 2002, when he said, “If we could just get $10 billion to negotiate the

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